Western Union/MoneyGram

Read and follow the steps carefully to either make payment with Western Union or MoneyGram

  • Find a nearby convenient Western Union or MoneyGram counter.
  • Complete the Send Money form with your name as the sender and our cashier’s name, and address as the receiver. Input the sending amount then choose Cash Pickup.
  • Hand the agent the amount you are sending, plus the fee, in cash. Money will be sent and a receipt will be given to you.
  • Take a clear and full picture of the receipt and email it to us with your order number for confirmation.
  • Once we receive the copy of the receipt and your order number, we will process your order and schedule delivery.
  • A tracking code will be emailed to you. Buying weed online through western union.

NOTE: Western union payment can also be done online through their website www.westernunion.com

Payment CAN NOT be done through MoneyGram online because the payment will either be delayed or canceled. Buying weed online through western union is very safe and secure.

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